Above code shamelessly stolen from some site idk how it works really tbh

09/30/18 - Site created
14 MON. - Stuff added
11/09/19 - Added /nouveau/pic.html
11/14/19 - Added a changelog
11/18/19 - Fixed a bug here
11/19/19 - Added a chatbox to go full tacky
01/24/20 - Added /nouveau/misanthropy.html
02/08/20 - Added a little sticker for one of my favorite albums to the front page
02/17/20 - Added /roy/ru.html
02/18/20 - Bigger update this time, the biggest in 4 months:
Added /nouveau/index.html
Added /nouveau/loading4.html
Linked a bunch of things together that previously weren't accessible
02/20/20 - Added /roy/toast.html
03/25/20 - Edited the text of /nouveau/theLatest.html to say more things
05/12/20 - Added /roy/merch.html
Edited the title of /roy/ad.html to be less superbad ripoff-y
06/07/20 - Added /nouveau/loading5.html
06/27/20 - Added /nouveau/sponsor.html, very low-effort
07/23/20 - Added text to /not_found.html so it's a bit more obviously a 404 page
09/24/20 - What a frankly disgusting amount of time between "updates"
Slightly adjusted /nouveau/toxic3.html to make it more eye-hurty
Did the same thing for /nouveau/misanthropy.html
Added /roy/minivan.html
Tweaked /not_found.html the tiniest bit just for fun